evolve and succeed 

Coaching is a brief and transformative journey of personal self-awareness and achievement of your desired goals in whatever area of your life you want to focus on - private or business.
Through thought-provoking questions, you'll venture on a journey that will transform your inner vision into new, disruptive and effective outer actions.

All people around you and further may benefit of your deep achievement. How do you imagine it?  Let's succeed and thrive ONE4ALL


Hi! I'm Romina from Italy. I'm a coach and storyteller, committed to serving you in your self-discovering process so that you can let your resources surface, get new insights, and shape anew your everyday actions in a way that sounds natural to you. Natural actions are powerful because they are sustainable in the long term.  



All this will take you exactly where you're meant to be:

the achievement of your goals.

consistent ACTIONS: that you choose to take as a consequence of the insights and awareness you got. This way, your new actions, and behaviors sound natural to you, deeply connected with who you are, and sustainable in the long term.

CRYSTAL-CLEAR CLARITY on your goals: the more clearly you see what you want to reach, the more you can take the necessary steps to go exactly there.

a GROUNDED AWARENESS: of your true potentials, believes, and values: the more aware of yourself you are, the more naturally and effectively you sustain yourself on your transformative journey toward your goals and desires.


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